Thursday, 30 July 2015

Why women love buying luxury designer handbags....

  Did  you ever feel sad or disappointed and as a therapy went shopping and came home all over the moon because of that new handbag you couldn't resist?
No...then you had a very efficient month and as a reward you bought that handbag you had your eye on for so long time, or at the end at the week you have a party and you need a bag for that green dress?
 There are multiple reasons and purposes why we like and we buy handbags and the fact is that this is a phenomenon studied by the scientists ( most of them men of course ). A new survey has revealed that women spend more on handbags and this is the most satisfying purchase for them.
"It might seem irrational that each year Americans spend over $250 billion on women’s luxury products with an average woman acquiring three new handbags a year, but conspicuous consumption is actually smart for women who want to protect their relationship," says Griskevicius. Well, I assume that women in America are very happy!
 This highly desired accessory is an indispensable companion. Gladys Obi, a business woman, says “Most of the time, women carry a lot more stuff than men do, so we need to carry them in a bag. Besides, when a woman is on skirt or a dress, the idea of a bag comes in because a she feels more comfortable and complete when she has a bag to go with. It gives her that self confidence and assurance.” A lot more stuff means mobile phones, sun glasses, notebooks, diary, painkillers, snacks, umbrella, make-up bag, chocolate and some of us things we didn't even imagine. Somebody thought things in details and made The Hidee handbag have a secret compartment for heels, make-up or private possessions. Lets not forget married women with kids who automatically gave 70% of the space in their handbag.
“Handbags are a lexicon of style and not just items to be carried about; they also tell something about woman's style and they come in different shapes” says Chinenye Eze.
Carlson School of Management Associate Professor Vladas Griskevicius and PhD student Yajin Wang discovered luxury products and brands play important roles in relationships. Men are those who use luxury products to attract mates, while “women's luxury possessions often serve as signals to other women. Some women use pricey possessions to signal to other women that their romantic partner is especially devoted to them. In turn, flaunting designer handbags and shoes helps women deter romantic rivals from poaching their relationship partner.”

 I'm sure that the list of why women buy luxury handbags is endless. We are open to hear your opinions and the reason you choose to buy a designer handbag.


  1. Very well said! it's true that we buy luxury designer handbags because we feel more comfortable and complete when we go out with our handbags. However, each of us has their own reason of buying those luxury designer handbags, but whatever reasons we may have, the most important thing is, we are happy to have them.

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