Sunday, 9 August 2015

How to choose the perfect bag to complete your outfit!

Buying the perfect bag is a real challenge with such a wide range of styles, designs and brands.
What I always say is that we don't have to follow the fashion to achieve a fashionable style. The important thing when buying a handbag is to choose the one that suits you, that matches your body type and the one that will make your outfit look stand out.
Keeping in mind a few rules will make your job easier:

  1. Size - First and the most important aspect to consider before buying a handbag is the size of it. And it is very simple: if you are short and petite try to avoid selecting big handbags as it will make you look smaller. The right choice is a small bag. And vice verse, if you are tall and slim, you must avoid small bags. Try mid size and large handbags. 
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  2. Shape - Here is also very simple. The shape of your handbag must compliment your body type. For example, if you're slim and tall, the best match up for your body shape will be a rounded bag. However, for short and curvy type I will recommend rectangular bags. 
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  3. Color – Try choosing a color that will match most of your clothes and shoes. Black color will always be the perfect choice as it can be associated with any color of your outfit. White or brown are other two neutral colors which can match most of the colors of your clothes. 
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  4. Occasion – I'm sure that all of us are familiar with this rule. You can't choose a formal handbag when going out with friends or a large handbag when invited to a wedding or a clutch when going for a walk with your kids.  
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