Thursday, 10 September 2015

Neat tricks - how to take care of your handbag!

 How to take care of your bags keeping them clean, organized, fresh and good looking.  My smart tips and tricks will help you keep your handbag looking great and smelling sweet.
  •  First of all lighten up your overloaded bag. It is hard leaving home with only the bare essentials, especially for those of us with busy, multitasking lives. But this is essential as overloading will damage your bag and also it can lead to headaches, back pains and body aches. Your bag should weight no more than 10 percent of your body weight.
  •   Try, if possible, to avoid getting the bag wet. In those rainy days choose an leather old bag and do never leave your bag on the floor.
  • Store your bags properly. Stuff them  with tissue paper. Cross the handles over each other. Organize them by color and style. Always keep them in their dust bags. I you don't have dust bags find a few cotton pillowcases and store your bags in them. Never use a plastic bag.
  • Empty your handbag every night and leave it opened during the night time. With this your bag will be more organized, clean and fresh.
  • Avoid handling your handbag with dirty hands.
  • Never use household chemicals and cleaners. Cleaning depends on the material the bag is made from. Always use a soft cloth or a soft brush to clean a bag. If the bag is difficult to clean take them to a professional cleaner.
  • Because it is packed with makeup, gym shoes, packs of cigarettes, perfumes, creams or food it doesn't always smell good. Try cutting the foot of a pair of old tights filling it with baking soda and knotting before tossing this into the bag. Replace it regularly.

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